Our Products

We want to offer products that you can use to help activate your spiritual and wellness path. To help facilitate this we offer a range of products that we source, design or manufacture with our partners.

We offer a range of products, some are Print On Demand, which means we don’t necessarily keep them on hand. This helps us keep our carbon footprint down and keep costs to you down! The great part of this is it helps with sustainability, we don’t over-produce, it ship rights to you and you get a size and items made just for you!

Print on Demand items can be hard to return/exchange as we don’t keep stock on hand but we’ll try to work with you!

We also offer products that we love from other suppliers and hope you enjoy them too!

Eventually our goal is to create our own products that are right for you, but that’s hard with the turmoil of supply chains and markets, due to Covid-19 right now.

Until then we hope you will enjoy all we offer, and if you are looking for something in