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Victor Ko



Taylor is from California and is passionate about beautiful design, experiences and a life of abundance. She practiced yoga for almost two decades before diving in to exploring more of the energetic background behind the poses. She has been in fashion and design for over a decade and has designed pieces for opera singers and classical musicians.
K.a Joben



Jess is from Texas and helps organize programs for our community, to help educate and connect you to topics and educators that empower your wellness journey. Jess is Taylor's right-hand lady and also works on website design and community engagement. She is exploring reiki and other energetic practices to fuel the passion within her life and work.
Richard Bauer



Cassie lives in Rhode Island by way of California, and brings her decades long experience to Eithera Brand helping us improve our customer experience and relationships to create meaningful connection with customers like you. She is new to energetic play but is loving exploring it through our products!
Marin Julia



Dana is from California and is passionate about exploring and sharing the fun ways you can bring color and abundance in to your world with Eithera. She is beginner to energetic practices but is excited to learn, explore and share, to build the community with Eithera.
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Eithera Brand strives to educate individuals who are interested in exploring energetic styles that support an empowered spiritual and wellness practice. We provide access to educators and professionals who share their expertise (as well as their personal journey) to help Eithera brand community members, as they explore their own spiritual path.


Eithera Brand is a female-owned and empowered business that focuses on products designed to build purpose and initiative around self-development and intention building in our lives. Our products are inspired by the vibrant colors of the seven chakras, which energize and support your spiritual and wellness intentions.


Eithera Brand provides a vibrant space for the spiritually curious to embark on their wellness journey. We offer: products that support the energy and intentions you want more of in your life, connection to wellness experts who share their gifts and help you nurture your own spiritual systems, and entry to an online community of like-minded people through our Facebook Group. Through this vibrant community you will gain access to people who can help you develop habits that will empower your life!

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Our Brand in Symbols

The raspberry leaf logo

Symbolism is incredibly important when working with energy and chakras. Symbols often convey a deeper meaning than can be explained in words and represent themes and energies as you explore a spiritual and wellness practice.

It's appropriate for us to explore what our logo signifies and the symbolism behind what we stand for.

The razor-edged, 3 leaf raspberry logo came to founder Tayor Mills while meditating. She saw a brand that supported women, that integrated the physical world with the spiritual, that built on the 3 pillars of community, education, and practice.

Taylor wanted a brand that could celebrate the many colors and experiences that make up our world as souls on a human journey. By bringing in the lightness with the color, a beautiful inner rainbow emerges.

The raspberry leaf has been used for centuries to help women's health whether topically or taken internally and has been prescribed by doctors and healers alike. It's time to bring that ancient wisdom and connection to the world back into our lives.

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