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I’ve been fortunate to have close friends to share beautiful experiences.  Megan Ratto is one of these people.  I met Megan in high school, her interests helped inform me, along my own spiritual path.  

When I started Eithera, Megan was one of the friends I was most excited to share my pursuit of wellness. I’m delighted to create a space to share her insights and words about botanical essences and how they can be used to harness natural support for the energy you want to create.    

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“I was first introduced to flower essences by a healer and Shaman in 2008, when I stumbled into an herb shop that ended up redirecting the course of my life.” – Megan Ratto, Owner, Universal Citizen

From Megan: I was first introduced to Flower Essences by a healer and Shaman in 2008, when I stumbled into an herb shop that ended up redirecting the course of my life. I was in my third year of an accounting degree, and feeling emotionally lost, angry and completely unfulfilled.  Ready to drop out of college without any clear direction except a dream of running off to Europe, I found the exact healing I needed in the form of flower remedies.

While I don’t remember the specific flower essences I was given, I do know that soon after taking this personalized blend, I began to find direction and a commitment to my goals. I became a vegetarian, completed my degree, acquired my Italian citizenship and moved to Europe.  I reinvested in my life and overcame the stagnation that had become normal for me.  I felt more confident in every step I took.  The flower remedies provided a shift in my way of thinking and looking at the world, allowing me to make major changes in my life.  

Flower remedies were developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath who believed all diseases of the body were expressions of a person’s negative emotional states. He used his remedies to transform negative energies into positive ones, stimulating a person’s potential for self-healing.

Dr. Bach believed that floral remedies restore harmony to the mind; allowing our bodies to heal themselves more easily, and helping to bring the soul and personality into alignment. They are made by infusion, usually through submerging the plants in sunlight or boiling, and then preserving the liquid with brandy. If you are sensitive to alcohol, remedies preserved with glycerin are available from some suppliers. In both, the energy of the plant is preserved within the liquid and able to be used over time.

Flower remedies have gained mainstream popularity in the last few years as we search for alternative and empowering forms of healing. They are an amazing complementary tool to modern medicine and lack many of the side effects and interferences modern medications can have.

I’ve picked a selection of the flowers I believe are most appropriate for each chakra, taking into consideration the current state of our world and the challenges a lot of us may be facing right now. The reason for a blockage or imbalance for one person will likely be different for another, meaning the remedy listed here may not be appropriate for each person that reads this. With that in mind, I’ve done my best to choose the remedy that I think will help the most common sources of blockages for the greatest number of people. These are by no means the only essences helpful for each chakra, just a few of my favorites at the moment and the ones I think will be most beneficial!

The Root Chakra - HONEYSUCKLE

Honeysuckle flower is for living in the present, getting out of our thoughts of the past and what once was, so we can come fully into the now. Honeysuckle is helpful when our connection to our current life is poor, and especially helpful to those who unconsciously refuse to accept the change.  Honeysuckle also helps us to accept the challenge of change and to live purposefully in the present.

The Sacral Chakra - MIMULUS

Mimulus is the flower for facing our fears. It can help us to face life’s challenges and find joy and vitality in our daily lives. Mimulus sets our soul free to experience life with curiosity, creativity and confidence. It can also help those that are shy, timid and hypersensitive to the physical world. It helps us find courage, which I think we all need right now.

The Solar Chakra - LARCH

Larch is the self-confidence flower. It helps us overcome feelings of comparison, inferiority and self-doubt. Larch gives us renewed confidence in ourselves, boosts our creativity, and helps us take steps towards our life goals. It helps us to leave self-limiting beliefs and the fear of failure behind.  This essence allows you to redefine your success and fully step into your potential with confidence.

The Heart Chakra - HOLLY

Holly is the flower remedy of love. It opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love. Holly can help shift thoughts of jealousy, distrust, envy and hatred to feelings of radiating love, understanding and harmony. Holly is one of my favorite remedies and has one of the most immediate and profound effects when taking it. It allows us to accept ourselves and others completely.

The Throat Chakra - HEATHER

Heather is the flower of empathy and listening. Someone in need of Heather may be self-absorbed and self-centered, talking about their problems to anyone that will listen. Heather helps transform self-centeredness to sympathy and empathy. It frees us to be better listeners and reconnects us to those around us and the greater whole.

The Third Eye Chakra - CERATO

Cerato is the flower of our inner voice. It is the flower to reconnect us to our higher self and our intuition. Cerato helps us to hear and trust our inner voice, giving us confidence in ourselves and our decisions. Cerato can also help stimulate dream life and the ability to remember our dreams. It helps us to know ourselves and make decisions with certainty.

The Crown Chakra - CLEMATIS

Clematis is the reality flower. When we take as little a part in real life as possible, Clematis can bring us back to ourselves in the present. It helps us wake up and brings us back into our physical bodies. Rather than longing for the ideal future that has yet to arrive, we gain a concrete perspective on life and are able to turn our dreams into reality. Clematis connects the spiritual and physical, enabling us to connect more deeply with the world as a whole and finding deeper meaning in all that happens. 

Sourcing and Buying Flower Remedies:

You can usually find a small selection of remedies at your local herb shop, apothecary, or health food store. Actual remedies available will vary, some carrying only Bach remedies, others carrying only non-Bach flowers, and some carrying both. The Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California is a wonderful source of remedies and information.

As stated previously, there may be remedies more suited to your personal situation than my favorites listed above. And if you are feeling a blockage in one chakra but are drawn more to a remedy for another, follow your gut! If you are interested in a custom blend or personalized recommendation, please reach out to me at


Megan Ratto graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies, Roots Program in Forestville, California. She worked at Oakland’s Homestead Apothecary as manager and herbalist until moving to Seattle, WA, where she currently resides.  She is currently working to attain her certification as a Bach Flower Practitioner.


Megan Ratto Universal Citizen Founder, Plant Medicine, Plant Essences


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